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Release. Release. Release. Let love in with a relaxing session with healing hands and peaceful sounds...promote peace and relaxation as well as clear blockages, alleviate pain, stress and anxieties. Reiki can be applied to all areas of your life, it can help with achieving a mindset for any challenge: mental focus, overcoming fear, weightloss and quitting smoking. Reiki is wonderful for everyone, from infants to elderly.


Hour reiki sessions include brief pre-session consultation, goal setting intention, reiki session, chakra balance,  post session wrap-up discussion. 


Session packages available for purchase. Minimum of at least 4 sessions is recommended. Appointments By referral only.

(1Hr) On Site Reiki Sesh

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  • Reiki is the ancient Japanese art of healing with love.  Depending on client's comfort level, client can choose to receive gentle hands on or above (no direct touch) body treatments. Optional foot and hand release at end of session. Reiki is an excellent source to connect with ones true heart, to find answers within for guidance and love. 

  • Free consultation, sessions purchased thereafter. Sessions are non-refundable. Reiki purchases do not expire.

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