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Kia Lyons
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  KIA LIONS HEART mission is to build and showcase best self, brand, passion and purpose.

Kia helps clients win high performance success, personally and professionally.


 Brand Design / Representation Coaching offers self-growth strategies that focus on

polish, presentation, key communication, and winning.


 KIA LIONS HEART is built on the shoulders of giants in FASHION, SPORTS, and LEADERSHIP.

LEAD WITH LOVE is Kia's mantra. At six years old, she was in a near fatal car accident that instilled her mission of love and inclusion.  She designed the best fashion to downplay her facial scars. She builds the greatness of others by highlighting their personal beauty and showcasing their custom brands.  To Kia, EVERYTHING HAS ALWAYS HAD TO BE CUSTOM, special, and made "just so", for each client, nothing less will do. Iconic branding and signature style JUST FOR YOU, representing you and your brand is key. 


Kia is a globally awarded apparel designer. Lyons designs custom apparel for clients, custom collections, wardrobe film design, one classic piece or entire team apparel.  She has designed for and worked with various multimillion dollar men's private label brands across the country such as FEDERATED & KELLWOOD and women's high fashion; original global apparel design, from men's market sitting with SeanJohn, Rocawear, and Fubu to Arnold Palmer Golf and Fine Italian Tasso Elba customs: Global sourcing, National colorist, Original fit, pattern, technical packages, and successful teams lead from the ground up.  Kia has been a returning Moore College fashion design alumnae mentor,  and fashion show critic. Lyons was Wardrobe Supervisor [IMDB], for The Thomas Phillips film, THE NORTH STAR, starring Philadelphia Eagle Jeramiah Trotter. 


Kia believes TEAMWORK AND SPORTS ARE THE WAY TO THE HEART, so she has built her business around her fashion & pro sports network. Coco Chanel and Philly Sports Teams are a huge inspiration. Growing up, Kia's best friends dad was the preacher for THE EAGLES, FLYERS, PHILLIES, SIXERS. Leaders in Faith, Unity & Teamwork have always been heroes, especially Randall Cunningham & Reggie White.


CHANGE THE WORLD with passion and purpose. Develop your best self and show up .  Restart your life NOW, reinvent yourself, life and brand, ANYTIME. Choose the win.  Build NOW.

Brand Representation is key to winning your dreams, and unlimited access to abundance.

Kia offers individual / full team personal builds and brand consults; NBA, NFL, MLB coaches, college, pro scouts, and athletes. Kia works with small startups to world champs: sports, media, charity, and youth. 


VIP Interviews and Red Carpets for you and your brand.  Lyons offers custom interviews to showcase your work and star employees. Create red carpet events. See our past fashion and sports red carpet interviews page, including Muhammad Ali Related Events, Various NFL, NBA , MLB, and VIP Events, Celebrity Boxing, Basketball, as well as various charity golf events. Lyons is a contributing sports journalist and World Champion Hall of Fame Pro Sports Interview Cohost for NR MEDIA.

2010 - present
2010 - present
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